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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Slide Fire Fuels Treatment Effectiveness Report: Coconino N.F. May 2014

  Introduction: The Slide fire was a human caused ignition (still under investigation) that began on May 20th, 2014 at approximately 1530 hours. The initial size up of the fire indicated that the fire was located just north of Slide Rock State Park, and that the fire was currently 2 to 3 acres of active fire behavior. Fueled by high winds, the fire quickly grew to over 30 acres triggering immediate evacuations of the communities…
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Tale of Two Fires — Un-Newsworthy Fire is Sign of Success

Peter Warren, The Nature Conservancy July 4, 2014 It’s fire season in Arizona, which for most of us conjures up images of huge leaping flames, evacuations and fire fighters risking their lives to save communities. But two of this summer’s fires have not posed a severe threat to communities. Instead they are examples of what needs to happen to restore a healthy balance to our lands. The San Juan Fire, which started June 26 in…
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