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Monthly Archives: August 2015

2014 Wildfire Season: An Overview

By: Alexander Evans, Forest Guild Southwestern ecosystems are fire-adapted and fire is arguably the most important process in these forests and grass lands. This overview is designed to help everyone from the general public to natural resource managers better understand the past fire season. This report describes the vegetation impacted by the 12 largest fires (greater than 4,000 acres) of 2014 and the degree to which fires affect resources including soils, vegetation, and structures. Click here now to download the full report.
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JFSP Notice of Intent for potential 2016 topics

FON 1- Primary A. Implications of changing ecosystems - selected regions B. Social, organizational and institutional barriers to implementing prescribed fire C. Restoration of sagebrusg habitat in the Great Basin- operational applications D. Fire effects on tree mortality E. Implications of managed-perimeter and burn-out wildfire response strategies F. Post-fire landscape management G. Regional needs FON 2- Fire and Smoke Model Evaluation Experiment (FASMEE) FON 3- New Science Initiative- Ecological & social dimensions of resilient landscapes FON…
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